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      Custom-made Ceramic
      and Glass Components

      Fused Silica

      Fused silica is high-purity silica (SiO2) glass manufactured by synthetic methods. While many of the basic properties are the same as fused quartz, there are some significant differences that can be important for certain applications.

      Fused silica typically has a purity of 99.9999%, compared to fused quartz's typical purity of 99.9%. The transmission characteristics of fused silica in the UV range are also superior to those of fused quartz. Fused silica retains high transmission levels down to a wavelength of around 190nm, making the material suitable for UV sterilization applications. Fused silica is also used as a non-browning material in radiation applications.

      Characteristics of fused silica include:

      • Outstanding thermal properties
      • Excellent optical transmission characteristics
      • Excellent wear resistance
      • Good electrical properties
      • Good corrosion resistance
      Download the Fused Silica pdf

      Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division is able to supply a wide range of ceramic and glass materials as finished components. Our capabilities range from custom-made precision microcomponents with very high tolerance features to large heavy-duty components used in industrial applications. Additionally, standard semi-finished forms such as tubes, rods, bars, plates, crucibles and spheres are often available from our wide inventory. Please contact us with full details of your requirements, including drawings where available, and we will review and respond with a quotation as soon as possible.

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