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      Custom-made Ceramic
      and Glass Components

      MACOR?Machinable Glass Ceramic

      Traditional ceramic materials can normally only be machined by diamond grinding once they have been fired, which can be costly. MACOR® machinable glass ceramic offers a potentially lower cost solution to this problem.

      MACOR® can be quickly, accurately and economically machined into high-precision components using ordinary metalworking tools and does not require any post-firing after machining has been completed, removing a production process, reducing manufacturing time and potentially reducing costs.

      Characteristics of MACOR® machinable glass ceramic include:

      • Maximum use temperature of 1000°C
      • Strong and rigid
      • Good electrical and thermal insulation
      • Zero porosity
      • Radiation resistant
      • Low thermal conductivity
      • Can be highly polished

      Forms and Availability of MACOR® machinable glass ceramic

      Goodfellow is able to offer MACOR® machinable glass ceramic as rods, bars, sheets and also as finished components to customer drawings.  Please find below a list of our standard stock dimensions. Of course, we are very often able to supply alternative dimensions.

      MACOR® is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated


      Diameter: 1.6 - 50.8mm

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      Thickness: 0.5 - 13mm

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      Download the MACOR® machinable glass ceramic
      MACOR® Machinable Glass Ceramic Machining Information

      Buy standard MACOR® Machinable Glass Ceramic products online

      Goodfellow also offers a range of standard, semi-finished forms in our online catalog. To see our catalog, please follow the link below.

      MACOR® Machinable Glass Ceramic

      The links below provide comparative physical, mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties for a range of typical ceramic/glass materials. If the material or property you are interested in is not shown please call us or send us a message.

      Glass PDF Data Table

      Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division is able to supply a wide range of ceramic and glass materials as finished components. Our capabilities range from custom-made precision microcomponents with very high tolerance features to large heavy-duty components used in industrial applications. Additionally, standard semi-finished forms such as tubes, rods, bars, plates, crucibles and spheres are often available from our wide inventory. Please contact us with full details of your requirements, including drawings where available, and we will review and respond with a quotation as soon as possible.

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