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      Custom-made Ceramic
      and Glass Components


      Optical components range from simple windows to high-accuracy aspheric lenses made by molding hot glass into precision molds.

      We offer an extensive range of components in a wide variety of materials, the specification depending on the required optical performance.

      Examples include:

      Micro optics

      Micro optics are becoming increasingly important in areas such as MEMS, telecommunications, medical devices and sensor systems.

      We specialize in small optical components, some of which are sub mm in size.

      Ball lenses

      Ball and hemispherical lenses are used in fiber optic applications.

      Infrared components

      These are typically made in sapphire or germanium for applications such as optical pyrometry and security scanners.


      Used in many applications, including metrology equipment

      Aspheric lenses

      Precision aspheric lenses in glass and plastic

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