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      Custom-made Ceramic
      and Glass Components

      Nuts and Bolts

      Ceramic nuts and bolts are used in applications where conventional metal or plastic components will not work. Ceramic nuts and bolts are strong, rigid, non-magnetic and operate at high temperature and in corrosive environments.

      Examples include:


      Holding furnace components together


      Fasteners are used in special wireless transmitting equipment.

      Used as non-magnetic components in ultra-high vacuum equipment


      An M2 alumina bolt is stronger than a nylon bolt.


      Used in equipment processing corrosive materials, including semiconductor applications.

      Additional Information

      The standard threads we stock are ISO metric standard, coarse. US customary threads as well as head configurations other than hex head are available, but may require additional lead time. Special sizes can be quoted on request.  The pitch diameter of external (male) threads will not exceed the maximum allowable according to the ISO standard. The minimum allowable pitch diameter of external threads may be below that of the standard. Conversely, for internal (female) threads the maximum allowable pitch diameter may be above that of the standard. Due to shrink factor variations in processing, stack-up tolerance cannot be controlled on the pitch. It is recommended not to engage more than 5-10 threads on any male fastener.

      No warranty with respect to torque strength and tensile strength is extended. Ceramic materials are inherently brittle and display catastrophic failure mode if impacted or stressed beyond the material’s limit.

      Download the Nuts and Bolts pdf

      Buy standard nuts and bolts products online

      Goodfellow also offers a range of standard, semi-finished forms in our online catalog. To see our catalog, please follow the link below.




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