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      Custom-made Ceramic
      and Glass Components


      The continuing trend to miniaturization is calling for microcomponents made from glass and ceramics. These range from ultra-thin sheet through to optics and injection-molded ceramic components.

      Examples include:

      Glass microsheet

      From 0.030mm thickness. Used as transparent substrates and electrical insulators

      Download the substrates pdf

      Precision spheres

      From 0.15mm diameter
      Used as optical components and precision spacers

      Download the precision spheres pdf

      Micro optics

      Prisms from 0.5mm
      Lenses from 1mm diameter
      Windows from 0.5mm

      Other components - please ask

      Injection-molded ceramic

      Microcomponents for surgical equipment
      Fiber optic components

      Sapphire jewels

      Polished sapphire bearings and sub mm bore nozzles

      Download the sapphire pdf
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