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      Custom-made Ceramic
      and Glass Components

      Goodfellow Introduces Three Forms of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

      What are Nanotubes and how can they be used?

      Carbon Nanotubes are tube-shaped materials composed of Carbon atoms covalently bonded in hexagonal network, having a nanometric diameter. As an additive in composites, they can improve the mechanical, thermal or electrical properties of a material, offering benefits such as high electrical conductivity, good processability, flame retardancy, thermal dissipation, UV resistance and more. Industries where these attributes are especially beneficial include aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, oil and gas, coatings, and sporting goods. In addition, there is a great deal of ongoing research into new applications for this remarkable nanomaterial.

      MWCNTs “chunky” powder and “carpets”

      Regular powder is available in research quantities of several grams up to economical mass production quantities of several kilos.

      “Chunky” powder – exclusive to Goodfellow – is safer and easily dispersed via sonication into a polymer matrix. It is available in small quantities for research.

      Electron microscopy image from a cross-section of MWCNTs 'carpet'

      Free-standing, vertically aligned MWCNTs arrays, called “carpets” or “forests” – exclusive to Goodfellow – are distinguished by their unique anisotropic properties. Current research revolves around potential uses as free-standing membranes and filters, thermal interface materials, in electronic devices and supercapacitors, and by embedding them in polymer matrices for the production of innovative composites. MWCNTs “carpets” are available in small quantities for research.

      Goodfellow supplies MWCNTs in three forms

      For more information, contact our technical team at technical@goodfellow.com or call 0800 731 4653 (UK).

      To see the full range of MWCNTs as well as other materials for research and industry, visit our comprehensive catalogue at goodfellow.com.

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