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      Custom-made Ceramic
      and Glass Components

      Engineering Ceramics Ideal for High-Temperature, High-Wear Applications

      Engineering ceramics are ideal for the high-temperature, high-wear conditions typically found in aerospace, automotive, military, electronic and industrial fields. Goodfellow's line of engineering ceramics includes but is not limited to alumina, boron nitride, and zirconia and is available in a wide range of forms (rod, sheet, foam, powder, crucible, etc.) or as finished components precision-machined to customer drawings.

      These exceptional ceramics are:

      • Very hard and extremely resistant to wear
      • Good thermal and electrical insulators
      • Able to retain mechanical properties at elevated temperatures
      • More durable than metals
      • Highly resistant to extremely aggressive and corrosive environments

      Typical applications of engineering ceramics include:

      • Wear components (blades, valves, pumps, etc.)
      • High-voltage insulators
      • High-temperature tubes
      • Electronic substrates
      • Radomes
      • Ballistic armor
      • Laser cavities
      • Crucibles


      For more information about engineering ceramics from Goodfellow, please refer to our online catalogue, email ceramic@goodfellow.com, or contact one of our sales staff for further details. 

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