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      Custom-made Ceramic
      and Glass Components


      We specialize in high-precision components for advanced analytical and engineering instrumentation.

      Examples include:

      • Accurately machined alumina components for electrical insulation. Alumina was chosen as the preferred material, as the equipment operated at high temperature and ultra-high vacuum.
      • Prototype and preproduction quantities of complex spacers made from MACOR® machinable ceramic. MACOR® has a particularly high dielectric strength, which is useful for very high voltage application.
      • Quartz capillary tubing for thermal processing of materials prior to analysis by mass spectrometer
      • Purpose-made crucibles in unusual materials, used as evaporation sources
      • Instrument windows, including X-Ray shielding and UV blocking glasses
      • Polished alumina spheres used in check valves for control of corrosive liquids
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